Automate your bad debt collection processes with CollectWin and let your team focus on real work. The collection is one of the most significant factors as it has a direct impact on companies’ profitability and cash flow balance. Credit demands like consumer goods credit, vehicle or estate credits, or credit cards, increasing almost by 15% every year, which brings out the importance of collection on time.

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Sophos stops ransomware.
Enterprise-grade cybersecurity for organizations of any size.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We are expert on Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM for enterprise and medium size companies. We are customising Dynamics for loyalty, sales, lead generation and custom requirements


Data Products for Data Integrity, quality, integration, location intelligence to serve Customer Engagement, product, for large and medium enterprise.

How we work

Detailed analysis

Via in-depth analysis of your company’s needs and working style, we provide a solution that works in the way you wish. That is, the solution is adapted to your working style not the other way around.

Team of experts

Our team members are experts who are highly qualified in understanding your needs and provide the best possible solution to your organization accordingly.

Continuous development

We closely follow up the technology trends and improve our solutions that work along with the newest systems. We make sure that our team members have the up to date trainings and qualification certificates.


We work in contact with your business and information technologies departments. In this way we make sure that we provide the most convenient solution which not only fits to your infrastructure but also to your organizational culture.

Working through listening

In order to provide the accurate solution, first we listen to you. In this way we study the way you work and determine your needs. Our aim is not to provide what we have ready in our hands but what fits to your needs. The success level of the software products depends on the employees by 80%. Because of this, the fit between our product and users is crucial to us.

Global Interaction

Via our foreign partners, we search in a big range of solutions to determine what fits you best. We can direct and help you among the options to understand which technology is promising, which one costs less or which one would be the best sustainable solution. Our aim is to provide you a solution in a short time with minimum infrastructure modifications and at a convenient cost that will be used continuously.

IT Specialization

Through our years of experience in the business, we can perform an in depth analysis of your needs and provide the solution accordingly.

We offer new ideas

Our team of experts offer you new and constructive ideas to help you shorten the unnecessary time you spent on your work, increase the effectiveness and consequently create a competitive advantage.

Privacy Policy

We have a strict privacy policy to protect our customers’ data and way of work information. We work as meticulously as you to protect your privacy.