Collect Win

CollectWin is the product of dFlora which automates the management of bad debt collection.

Collection is one of the primary concerns of the companies as it affects directly the balance between cash flow and profitability. Usage of credit like cards, consumer loans, mortgage, car loans rises nearly 15% in every year. This increases the significance of on-time debt collection for companies.

When delays arise in collections, companies first try to sort it out using their internal processes and then appeal for legal processes. In the pre-legal period either customer representatives or call center agents are engaged; whereas during legal processes either corporate’s lawyers or law consultancy agencies are engaged to perform the debt collections.

Collect Win enables automation, management, and track of all the processes starting from pre-legal to the end of legal periods and combines all in one application.

Collect Win offers you flexable tools enabling you manage your debt collection strategies and processes the way you like. In order to provide this it works wholly entegrated with other applications where necessary.

CollectWin helps you your debt collection in any of the periods:

♦ Admisinistration

♦ Pre-legal debt collection

♦ Legal debt collection

♦ Credit clearence and take over


Why Choose CollectWin?

Collect Win is developed to be used by companies producing invoices regulary, debt collection service suppliers and lawyers.

Bad debt collection methods differ depending on the firm and the sector and include quite complicated processes. SATWin developed to simplify these processes and serve as a unified solution. It is flexible and adjustable to comply with new regulations and also meets the needs of collection agents in learning payers’ behaviors.

Collect Win serves the opportunity to work time ve place independent with its web-based structure. So real-time data tracking and reporting can be done throughout all the periods. During administration and pre-legal debt collection periods, it helps agents to take necessary actions at the right time and to transfer the debt file to the related department fastly. By this way, it increases the ratio of conversion of debt into cash, which is critically important to the companies.

There are ready reports to evaluate the performance of collection agents, support teams, and lawyers. With the help of these reports, strategic administrative decisions can easily be made.

Collect Win is integrated with all the systems needed like text messaging,  legal systems, Post and delivery Services, Governmental Services, and any service you want to. Debt collection processes are controlled automatically with these integrations which also helps prevent wrong actions to be taken and notify related units on time.

During debt collection periods standard or flexible payment plans can be made. Some rules can be set up to approve these plans.

During the legal debt collection period, there are documents that must be mailed to payers. The templates of these documents are ready to use and the mail delivery period can also be tracked in Collect Win.

The management of batch document printing tool eases the file workload of lawyers.

Collect Win focuses on increasing the debt collection speed and on the other side focuses on simplifying the work done by teams.